Apr.19, 2019

ASICFPGA releases new HDR ISP core (three exposure, 120dB, 3-DOL HDR, IMX290).

The new HDR cores can handle up to three exposure images and the dynamic range can handle up to 120dB. A demo board has been developed using the Xilinx Kintex 7 board and Sony 3-DOL IMX290 HDR sensor. Demo videos shot using this demo system are available at the following link:

The newly developed three exposure HDR core provides a higher dynamic range than the previously developed two exposure HDR core. In particular, the noise level generated by HDR signal processing has improved considerably. The developed HDR core can support HDR sensors from Sony, On Semiconductor and Omnivision. The developed core can be used for ADAS, Autonomous vehicle and Security camera which require HDR sensor.

Features of HDR ISP core: